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Tri-County Diesel Service is hiring a General Repair Technician!

Who are we? We have been in business for 27 years, at the same location! We are a clean shop, team-oriented, with a small shop environment. We are not micromanaged, have a loyal customer base, fun atmosphere, with friendly, repeat customers, where three tool truck vendors come by every week!

If you’re looking for the opportunity to learn and gain experience, where your input is valued and welcomed, and where your skill set will be utilized and exemplified, we are the team for you!

Hours: Full Time, 30-40+ hours a week, 8 AM – 5 PM Monday - Friday


  • Class 6 & 8 truck/trailer repair
  • PM experience
  • Toolset


  • Paid Time Off
  • On the Job Training

Quotes directly from our team:

The boss is awesome! -Truman (owner)


I love seeing the customers and getting to know them. We have so many longtime customers that treat us like family -Michelle (service manager)


I like the freedom to work on my own. The tacos, doughnuts and cookies the customers and vendors bring don't hurt either -TJ (mechanic)


I like the open country atmosphere with the fresh air and the open field in front of the shop. I hated driving to work in the city -Randy (mechanic)


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